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Washington County Humane Society Looking for Rummage Help

"Mega" Doesn't do it Justice

"Massive." "Mammoth." "Monstrous?" Maybe "mega" is the right word... Anywho, it wouldn't be one of the largest rummage sales in the state without the mammoth volunteer force there to make it so. And this year is no exception. The jobs all take place within a 3 week period in May to get ready for the big sale the first weekend of June.

Volunteers provide a variety of vital support, including:

  • helping community members unload donations

  • sorting and transporting items to sections

  • pricing and organizing items on tables

  • setting up displays

  • distributing fliers in the community ahead of the event

But perhaps our greatest need is section leaders.

  • As a section lead, you will determine a pricing and organizational structure for the section you choose, answer volunteer questions about items, and provide guidance as necessary.

  • Available sections to lead are as follows:

  • kitchenware

  • small kitchen appliances

  • crafts & sewing

  • the garage

  • sporting goods & rec equipment (This area may be of greatest interest to HCGC members because all manner of interesting "mancave" type items come in!)

  • office

  • lamps

  • luggage

  • shoes

  • children's books

  • dinnerware

  • children's clothing

  • games & puzzles

To join our volunteer team, email

To become a section lead, email

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