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FFL Transfer Service

The Hartford Gun Club is a Federal Firearms Licensed corporation (FFL) and will provide firearm transfer service to our members (including member spouse), parents of youth shooters participating in one of our youth shooting sports, active duty law enforcement, and first responders.


The transfer fee for long guns (rifle and shotgun) will be $10. The transfer fee for handguns will be $10 plus the WI DOJ transfer fee current at the time of the transfer ($10 as of this date). Appropriate fees must be paid in cash at the time of the transfer.


The Hartford Gun Club will not facilitate or participate in the purchase of any firearm. We will receive purchased firearms as an FFL and perform the transfer of the firearm to a person legally able to possess a firearm and who passes the appropriate NICS (FBI) or WI DOJ (Handgun Hotline) background check.


The Hartford Gun Club will transfer firearms between individuals if requested; the procedure below and rates above apply.


Up to three (3) firearms can be transferred at one time.



  1. Contact one of the club Responsible Persons (RP) listed below and arrange for them to receive the firearm(s). We reserved the right to NOT participate in a transfer.

  2. If you do not contact a club RP and arrange for the transfer in advance, the package will be refused, and the firearm returned to sender.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. Provide your seller/shipper with contact information for the RP agreeing to do the transfer or provide contact information to the RP for the seller/shipper and we will contact them.

  4. Complete your purchase.

  5. The RP will communicate our FFL information and shipping contact information.

  6. When arrival information is available we will contact you as a “heads up” for pickup.

  7. When the package is in the possession of the RP you will be notified and arrangement will be made for the transfer. All transfers will be done at the Hartford Gun Club clubhouse at a mutually agreeable date and time. Most transfers are expected to be performed during business hours.

  8. Failure of the background check will result in our inability to complete the transfer. If the firearm must be returned to the source you are responsible for shipping fees. If the return is to an individual the individual will be required to provide an FFL to receive the returned firearm.


Hartford Gun Club Responsible Persons:

Gary Poindexter, VP

Randy Schmitt, BoD

Guy Tuxhorn, BoD

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