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Trap Shooting


  • 6 Pat Traps

  • Cordless voice activated

  • Trap machines are heated for consistent target speed in cold & subzero temperatures

  • We throw all orange targets

  • We throw over 650,000 targets per year.

  • Target flight height and speed are checked daily & set to ATA regulations

  • Stadium lighting four – 1000 watt MH fixtures per trap total 420,000 lumens per trap

  • Trap field faces East

  • Trap field background is all trees North, South, & East

  • Trap field is tall field grasses

Standing Trap League Rules

  • Team may carry up to (9) nine shooters. All team members must be registered by end of the third night of league shooting. No changes can be made in the team roster after the third night of shooting. An emergency request for a replacement of a shooter will be governed by a minimum of 50% of the team captains within your division, and a Change of Roster form must be completed and approved.

  • Shooting Averages- Are based on the average of the shooters who shoot on each night. The first three week team scratch scores determine which division the teams are assigned to. Wins/Losses for the first three weeks will be determined after the teams are assigned a division.  The average for each shooter for the first three weeks of the season are calculated after the third week of shooting. The same average per shooter is used for all 3 weeks.

  • Team captains are responsible for completing score sheets with shooters full names and shooter numbers prior to shooting each night. Captains, after completing the score sheet, are responsible to turn in score sheets with proper shooting fees.

  • Starting time for shooting:  A team must be on the line, ready and shooting within five minutes of their scheduled time!  A late team will shoot after league shooting ends or on practice trap (when available) with a penalty of TWO YARDS!

  • After the first shot at a target no changes will be made in the squad shooters and a late shooter MAY NOT join the team on the trap line.

  • When there is a disputed target, the scorer’s decision will be final!

  • It is the team captain’s or team representative’s responsibility to verify team scores for accuracy prior to the score sheet being turned in to the desk. Once the score sheet is turned in, only mathematical errors will be subject to correction. If an incorrect score is posted it will be changed to match the score sheet.

  • Issues with improper or irregular directions by the trap desk will be handled by club Board of Directors. Resolution of issues is at the discretion of the Board.

  • Only two gun malfunctions per round of twenty-five is allowed, no matter what the reason. After more than two gun malfunctions the scorer shall score a lost target for additional gun malfunctions.

  • Targets thrown out of bounds (beyond the outer stakes on each side of the center stake) do not need to be shot and do not count against the two malfunction limit.

  • All orange targets will be thrown.

  • Trap malfunctions: In the event of a trap malfunction, targets that are shot shall be scored as is.  Management may reset traps even though other teams have shot.  If the trap machine oscillation is left off when a team begins shooting, targets shot shall not count and must be shot over with no additional cost to the team.

  • Trap failure: the squad will finish shooting on one of the practice traps. We may interrupt a practice squad, but will not interrupt a shoot ahead on that practice traps.

  • Any unsafe actions or misconduct will not be tolerated on or off the firing line.  If this occurs during league competition the shooter will be removed from the trap and his score will be forfeited.  The team will then use a blind score to replace the forfeited score.


  • All persons including competitors, scorers, and trap personnel must wear appropriate eye and ear protection while on the trap field.  Failure to comply will result in an immediate cease fire and failure to correct the condition will result in disqualification.

  • Payment of the sponsor fee is due by the end of third week of shooting. If not paid by the start of shooting on the 4th night, the team’s score will be forfeited!

  • Shooting ahead can be done no more than two weeks ahead at any point in the season. Please verify all shoot ahead dates and scores.

  • SHOOTING AHEAD ON THE LAST NIGHT OF LEAGUE: Will be covered by individual league rules.

  • ATA rules will apply for anything not covered by these rules. Any special situation that is not covered by these rules will be resolved by 50% of the team captains from within your league.

  • League high gun must not miss more than three shoots. Team high gun must shoot 60% of scheduled shoots.

  • Subs must have a minimum of three scores to be eligible to shoot the last night of league shooting (position night).

  • Teams involved in shoot-offs will not be accessed shooting fees.

  • Position Night: First place will shoot second place, third place will shoot fourth, etc.

League Information

Summer Trap Leagues

  • April – August, 18-weeks

  • Tuesday 16 yard or Yardage Leagues (2 separate leagues)

  • Wednesday 16 yard and Yardage (1 League 50 birds)

  • Thursday 16 yard League only

Summer 5-Stand League

  • April – August

  • Shoot at your convenience.

  • 12 Scores needed by August 24th

  • 4 weeks Level 1, 4 weeks Level 2, 4 weeks Level 3

Winter Leagues

  • Tuesday & Wednesday Nights

  • October – February

  • Both nights 16 yard

Spring & Fall Leagues

  • Tuesday & Wednesday Nights

  • Spring, March – April, 6-week league

  • Fall, September – October, 6-week league

  • 3 Different Leagues, Hunt & Cover, Doubles, & 50-Bird

  • Shoot either night, only need 6 scores in six weeks




6000 WI-60 Trunk

Hartford, WI 53027

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Trap & Pistol – Tue, Wed, Thur Nights —– 6:30 PM – 11:00 PM


Trap & Pistol – Tue & Wed Nights —– 6:30 PM – 11:00 PM


Trap & Pistol – Tue & Wed Nights —– 6:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Cribbage – Monday Nights, January – March —–6:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Indoor Archery – Thur Nights, January – March — 6:30 PM –

11:00 PM


Trap & Pistol – Tue & Wed Nights —– 6:30 PM – 11:00 PM

September – April

Every 1st Sunday 50 Bird Shoot

Dates can be found on the events calendar

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