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Trap League Status

Current status of active and first prior leagues

Corrected results 4-Dec-2023

A bug was discovered during the calculation of average for handicap when one of these conditions were present:


1)            A shooter shot for the first time after week 3.

2)            A shooter shot only once in the first 3 weeks.

3)            A team had one or more ghost shooters (less than 5 shooters).


The bug has been fixed and all scores recalculated from the beginning of the season. This caused some shift in standings for position night. The corrected team pairs can be viewed in the Results + Schedule.


Those of you who suspected higher than normal handicaps may have been correct (not all high handicaps were incorrect) but we needed specific information. To identify the problem Sephanie reported that JWR shot against GDS 1 on Wednesday 29-Nov and the handicap was higher than the team scores for the year would appear to justify. The specifics made it possible to identify the problem.

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