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Women's Handgun Introduction Class

A half day of instructions on handgun operation and safety, shooting, gun laws,  and laws of self-defense. Presented by the Hartford Gun Club, National Shooting Sports Foundation, and MDP, LLC.

Knowledge of handguns is not required. You do not need to apply for a concealed carry permit but you may if you choose to after taking the class, or any time in the future.

The class will be taught by Gary Poindexter, an NRA certified handgun instructor, a self-defense instructor, and a graduate of the Law of Self-Defense Academy.


The assistant will be Mary McCluskey, an NRA certified handgun instructor and member of the Hartford Gun Club (HGC) Board of Directors.

All students receive a certificate where, after completing an online survey, you will receive a $25 gift certificate for the Hartford Gun Club.

NSSF First Shots:

  • Safely handling a handgun

  • Firearm safety rules

  • Practice loading, unloading, and aiming

  • Shooting (optional - you are not required to shoot a handgun if are not comfortable doing so)

  • A .22 handgun to use - the easiest to shoot

  • Safety glasses provided by the NSSF

  • Hearing protection provided by the NSSF

  • A target provided by the NSSF

  • Ammunition provided by the NSSF

  • A clean, safe indoor shooting range

  • Professional instructors

Gun and self-defense

  • Wisconsin gun law

  • The Laws of Self-Defense
    • Laws about self-defense including the 5 elements of self-defense
    • no other instructor in SE Wisconsin teaches the laws of self-defense
    • this is a review of the conditions that must be true before you can claim self-defense with any weapon
  • The Castle Doctrine law in WI - not what the WI DOJ wants you to believe
  • Defense using a stun gun or tactical baton (CCW permit is required)
  • Defense using other tools such as a vehicle, pepper gel, pens, etc.

We will do our best to make you comfortable, keep you safe, and answer your questions.

You will not be pressured to shoot a gun. 22s make very little noise and have extremely low recoil (some people call this 'kick'). Some students shoot one shot and decide that shooting is not for them; it's OK.

The class will be held on             from

Cost is $50 for both components; you may attend one of the two components for $25.

Contact:, 414-467-8222 for reservations and information

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